Swirl Ring

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Swirl ring. Metal: 24kt gold plate over brass Adjustable Made in the USA

Ornamental Things

I design jewelry for heroines and daydreamers. I strive to create timeless pieces that have an authentic feel. I am inspired by bohemian ideas, bold women and living in the moment. My jewelry will see a girl through her best adventures. I’m on a jewelry journey, exploring themes and process. My methods include collecting, casting, polishing, riveting, rethinking and reworking objects into a collection of jewelry that is pretty, vintage-inspired and wearable. The Metals We Use: 14kt Gold Filled: This is a thick layer of 14kt gold is bonded to the metal below. It will keep its gold look for a very long time, especially if it's kept dry. Gold Filled plating can be done over sterling or brass. Vermeil: Another high quality gold plating. A thick layer of 14kt, 18kt or 24kt gold over sterling silver. 14kt Gold Plated: 7-10 mils of shiny 14kt gold plating over brass. 24kt Gold plated: 7-10 mils of 24kt gold plating over brass. It is then oxidized to darken the color and give it an antique brass look. Aged Brass: No plating involved. This is raw brass that has been oxidized to darken it. It is then polished up and lightly coated to help it hold its antiqued color. Sterling Silver: No plating involved. This is the same metal all the way through. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and copper. It contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, hence the stamp .925. Silver plated: A layer of nickel, sterling or silver base metal over brass.