Copper Wire Basket

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Maintain an organized home in style with the set of two Copper Wire Baskets from Foreside Home & Garden. These lovely wire baskets are each a different size, allowing them to be stacked when not in use. Their stunning copper coloring allow them to blend in to any space with ease, or be a beautiful accent color. Keeping your home organized and on trend has never been easier than with this set of baskets.

Foreside Home & Garden

What makes a place a home? At Foreside, we believe the home is as much about the spaces we inhabit as the people we love and the storied objects we surround ourselves with. It’s a respite from the daily grind, a comfortable place where we can be the best version of ourselves and where we can share and connect with others. It’s in this place that Foreside seeks to bring unique, soulful items that make a home that much more inspiring, that much more enriching; helping to renew and re-energize us every day.