Bangle Keychain Card Holder Wristlet

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Our big round bangle Keyring pays more attention to detail, and the metal parts are added to the connection of the bracelet and the tassel. Classic and stylish Wristlet Keychain with a detachable mini purse. DETACHABLE WOMEN COIN PURSE: Try a new and fashion lifestyle-you can use the bangle keychain or wallet separately. The bangle can slip from wrist to arm, very helpful when hands are full. The wallet can hold ID cards, credit cards, driver license and cash in it. It can be your best choice when you go out, and prevent you from losing your keys. EASY USEFUL: The key ring, tassel, white pendant and ID card holder pocket wallet can be detached from the bracelet by pressing the big round golden ring. The clasp allows for quick removal at the valet or when letting someone borrow your keys and the design makes sure no nails are broken in the process.

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