About MINT Vintage

MINT Vintage is a reflection of owner, Natalia Nazarewicz and her personal style.  Colorful yet minimalist, classic yet modern - this resonates throughout a thoughtful blend of home decor + accessories, including designer resale and estate jewelry.  
Natalia has an undergraduate degree in fashion design and merchandising and has worked in retail for the likes of Anthropologie and J.Crew.  She started NAT+NAZ, a jewelry line utilizing re-purposed stones and metals, creating re-imagined, easy to wear, one of a kind pieces.  NAT+NAZ is also currently sold at local coffee shop, PRESS Coffee, co-owned by Natalia and her husband Bronson. 
For years Natalia has collected and acquired antiques, estate jewelry, and designer accessories and has a discerning eye for such.  Look out to consign your own goods once our doors our finally open!  In addition, MINT Vintage is proud to carry uniquely crafted goods from various makers throughout Texas and the U.S.A.   It is a dream to bring so many amazing goods under one roof and make them accessible for all!